Fish oil contains plenty of EPA and DHA.

EPA helps to keep blood vessels open, remove fat accumulated in the blood, prevent stroke or myocardial infarction and prevent the occurrence of peripheral blood vessel blockage. 
DHA can promote and coordinate the conduction of neural circuits to maintain the normal operation of brain cells. Students and office workers properly supplemented with DHA can enhance memory, focus and improve comprehension. DHA supplementation for the elderly can help active thinking and prevent Alzheimer's disease.


鱼油含有大量的EPA和DHA。EPA 有助于保持血管通畅,去除血液中积聚的脂肪,预防中风或心肌梗塞,防止外周血管堵塞的发生。
DHA可以促进和协调神经回路的传导,维持脑细胞的正常运作。 学生和上班族适当补充 DHA 可以增强记忆力、注意力和理解力。 为老年人补充DHA有助于积极思考和预防阿尔茨海默病。

Drapa Omega-3 Fish Oil 300 Capsules

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  • Brand Name: Drapac

    Product Specifications: 300 Capsules / bottle, 1340mg Fish Oil in each capsule

    Applicable crowd: Adults, Not suitable for people with seafood allergies.

    How to eat: 1-2 per day, Half an hour after meal or Follow the doctor's advice.

    Storage: Store in a cool and dry place below 30℃, avoid direct sunlight.







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