Lecithin is an essential element for the human body to absorb nutrients. It can regulate serum lipids and enhance the effect of cystic fibrosis on fat.
It helps to protect the heart and brain nerve cells. At the same time, it can soften the skin, delay aging, adjust the mind to maintain a healthy state.

Drapac Lecithin Premium 300 Capsules

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  • Brand Name: Drapac

    Product Specifications: 300 capsules / bottle, 1720 mg lecithin each capsule

    Applicable crowd: Students, elders, Patients with long-term drinking, overnutrition and fatty liver, 
    Diabetic patients, stone disease patients, constipation people, and women who care for skin

    How to eat: 1-2 per day, after meal or Follow the doctor's advice.

    Storage: Store in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight.