Brand: Drapac

Origin: New Zealand

Product specifications: 60 capsules/bottle

Main ingredients: Sheep placenta extract (equivalent to 10,000 grams of fresh sheep placenta), capsule package. No artificial preservatives, sweeteners, colors, flavors, sugar, powder additives, etc.

How to eat: Take 1 capsule a day after meals or follow a doctor's suggestion

Applicable people: fatigue, fatigue, lack of energy; malnutrition, gastrointestinal dysfunction; dull appearance, early death of youth; frail and sick, post-operative postpartum weakness; busy at work, insomnia, forgetfulness; menopausal syndrome; cardiovascular disease patient.

Storage method: placed in a dry place at 30℃ normal temperature

Note: Do not use if the package seal is damaged.

Drapac Placenta 14000

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  • Sheep placenta refers to an active factor produced by cells that are particularly rich in active substances extracted from four-year-old embryos in sheep mothers for about 3 months. It is a polypeptide protein material or living cell material, which can slow down people's aging, immune regulation, anti-fatigue, and inhibit tumors.

    Product Efficacy: 1. It has a health care effect on people who lack energy and are in sub-health 2. Improve limbs and brain fatigue, premature aging 3. Improve neurasthenia, poor sleep, and fatigue symptoms 4. Enhance resistance and reduce viruses Bacterial infections 5. Relieve aging and degeneration of body functions 6. Moisturize skin texture and delay wrinkles 7. Regulate endocrine function 8. Activate cells to treat dysplasia

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