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Propolis is a fragrant gel-like solid material processed by bees from resin collected from plant spores and tree trunks. It has great effect on kill the virus in the liver and inhibit the spread of the virus. It also relieves inflammation and mouth ulcers. By lowering blood lipids, lowering blood sugar and regulating immune function,  it can curb a variety of senile diseases and improve the damage to the human body caused by excessive fatigue.


蜂胶是一种芳香的凝胶状固体材料,由蜜蜂从植物孢子和树干中收集的树脂加工而成。 对杀死肝脏中的病毒,抑制病毒的传播有很大的作用。 它还可以缓解炎症和口腔溃疡。 通过降低血脂、降低血糖和调节免疫功能,可以抑制多种老年疾病,改善因过度疲劳对人体造成的伤害。

Drapac Propolis 5+ 365 Capsules

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  • Brand Name: Drapac

    Product Specifications: 365 Capsules / bottle, 500mg per capsule

    Applicable crowd: Adults, especially the elderly, tired office workers, and females looking for beauty.  People with stomach diseases and stomach damage caused by alcohol should not take it

    Shelf life: 1095 days

    Storage: Store in a cool and dry place below 30℃, avoid direct sunlight.

    How to eat: 1-2 per day, Half an hour after meal or Follow the doctor's advice.




    适用人群: 成人,尤其是老年人、疲倦的上班族、爱美的女性。 有胃病和酒精引起胃损伤的人不宜服用




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