Sea dragon is an important and precious marine medicinal material. It is rich in amino acids, proteins, trace elements and high-carbon polyunsaturated fatty acids. It has anti-cancer effects, hormone-like effects, anti-fatigue effects, and improves the body's immunity and improves the contraction of cardiomyocytes. Product function: 1. Stimulate male body vitality 2. Improve body resistance 3. Warm kidney, nourish blood and nourish essence, strengthen waist and knees

Drapac Sea Dragon Capsules

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  • Brand: Drapac

    Origin: New Zealand

    Product specifications: 70 capsules/bottle

    Nutritional ingredients: (when producing packaging) Contains sea dragon extract. Encapsulation. No added lactose, Hagi, yeast, egg or artificial preservatives.

    How to eat: Take 1-2 capsules daily, or take it under doctor's order.

    Applicable people: 1. People with impotence and premature ejaculation caused by insufficient kidney yang 2. People with weak kidneys 3. People with weak limbs and chills on their backs 4. People with mental weariness and dull complexion

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