Squalene is an important substance for the human body. It can provide a large amount of oxygen to the cells, the cells that restore vitality, enhance the body's ability to heal itself, relieve hypoxic fatigue in the brain, purify the blood, promote circulation, and enhance immunity. It is very beneficial for mental workers, people that physically weak and the patients with cardiovascular diseases.


This product is 100% imported from New Zealand, no harmful elements to the body ever put in, and its content higher amount than similar products.

Drapac Squalene DrKiwiS 5000 365 Capsules

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  • Brand Name: Drapac

    Product Specifications: 750mg x 350 / bottle

    Usage: daily 1-3, after meals, or as doctor directed

    Applicable crowd: adults. Not suitable for children, pregnant women, breastfeeding women and people allergic to seafood.

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