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Colostrum is the first food for the calf after birth, it is also the perfect combination of immune factors and growth factors. It can effectively promote muscle growth and accelerate the repair of aging and damaged muscles. The trace elements can increase bone density, restore elasticity to the skin, and make it have excellent beauty and antioxidant effects. This makes it great for children, athletes and adult women.


牛初乳是小牛出生后的第一道食物,也是免疫因子和生长因子的完美结合。 能有效促进肌肉生长,加速老化受损肌肉的修复。 微量元素可以增加骨密度,恢复皮肤弹性,并使其具有极佳的美容和抗氧化作用。 这使它非常适合儿童、运动员和成年女性。

Drapac 100% Colostrum Powder 300g

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  • Brand Name: Drapac

    Product Specifications: 450g / bottle

    Applicable crowd: > 6-Month

    Shelf life: 1095 days

    How to eat: One teaspoon every day for 6-month to 7 years children, onr or two teaspoons everyday for 8 years and older children.

    Storage: Store in a cool and dry place below 30℃, avoid direct sunlight.






    食用方法: 6 个月至 7 岁儿童每天一茶匙,8 岁及以上儿童每天一茶匙或两茶匙。


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