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Brand: Drapac

Origin: New Zealand

Product specifications: 80 capsules/bottle

Main ingredients: grape seed extract 500mg/grain, soybean oil, no artificial preservatives, color sweeteners, and sugar

Prescription for consumption: 1 to 3 capsules daily, after meals, or as directed by a doctor
Applicable people: people who are prone to allergies, middle-aged women with poor skin tone, gray, chloasma, sagging, wrinkles, frequent Internet surfing, people who need beauty, and keep skin whitening, moisturizing, and elastic.

Storage method: Store in a cool and dry place below 30P to avoid direct sunlight.

Note: Grape seed should not be used as a substitute for medicines, it should be used with caution for those who are allergic to certain foods or animals and plants, pregnant women or those preparing to become pregnant, and those who are breastfeeding, and children are best not to use it.

Drapac Grape Seed 26000 Premium

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  • Grape seed extract (procyanidin polyphenol OPC). OPC is mainly derived from grape seeds. OPC can not only efficiently remove free radicals in the human body, but also promote skin metabolism, isolate environmental pollution and cosmetic damage, decompose melanin, and achieve the effect of whitening skin. Early OPC was mainly used in the medical field to treat allergies, cardiovascular diseases, and various inflammatory diseases. With the in-depth research of scientists, OPC has been widely used in the functional food field in Europe, America, Japan, and other countries in the past 10 years, and its efficacy has won the public's recognition.


    Product efficacy: beauty, anti-oxidation, anti-radiation, anti-aging, and effectively enhance the body's own immunity.

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