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Main effects:

Cordyceps extract: 1. Promote the circulatory system, 2. Promote the respiratory system, 3. Promote the immune system, 4. Promote the digestive system.


Polysaccharides: antiviral and anticancer. The antiviral mechanism of most scattered polysaccharides is to inhibit the adsorption of viruses to cells. The macromolecules of polysaccharides bind together mechanically or chemically, covering the binding sites of the virus and cells, thereby competitively Blocked the virus to infect cells. Polysaccharides can not only inhibit the pathogenic effect of the virus, but also inhibit the spread of the virus. A large number of water-soluble substances with anti-cancer active ingredients can inhibit tumor metastasis, and the safety is better than traditional surgical treatment and chemotherapy.


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  • Brand: Drapac

    Origin: New Zealand

    Product specifications: 100 capsules/bottle

    Nutritional ingredients: Ganoderma lucidum extract (240 mg), Cuscuta Seed Extract (75mg), Cordyceps extract (420 mg, equivalent to fresh), ginseng extract (20 mg, equivalent to fresh), polysaccharides (117 milligrams)G).

    How to eat: 1-3 capsules daily or as directed by a doctor

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